CDN Hosting

Exceda Expands XCDN Content Delivery Network Outside of Americas to Global Stage

XCDN, an eCommerce-based content delivery network (CDN) currently available to customers in the Americas only, is moving to the global stage. Exceda’s CDN solution, currently available only to customers in the Americas, will incorporate multiple CDN partners to deliver customers' website content to - and from - anywhere in the world beginning this summer. XCDN caches customer website content in hundreds of thousands of servers located in … [Read more...]

Cloud Services Provider StackPath Acquires CDN Provider Highwinds

StackPath, a rapidly growing provider of secured cloud services founded by SoftLayer founder, Lance Crosby, has acquired Highwinds - a Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider. Highwinds' services and platform will be integrated with existing StackPath offerings and operations to create a single global platform - with the industry's best security features and performance, says StackPath. The integration puts StackPath at more than 300 employees … [Read more...]

Limelight Networks Announces Changes to Its Board of Directors

Limelight Networks, a global provider of content delivery (CDN) technology and services, has announced that Doug Bewsher and Scott Genereux will join its Board of Directors. Mr. Bewsher is currently CEO of Leadspace while Mr. Genereux is EVP of Veritas. “Doug and Scott have more than 50 years of industry experience between them, and they’ll be great additions to our board,” said Walter Amaral, Chairman of Limelight’s Board of Directors. … [Read more...]

Cloudflare Chooses 365 Data Centers To Support Its Expansion Into Tampa, Nashville, Pittsburgh and Detroit

Global CDN provider Cloudflare has selected colocation provider 365 Data Centers to support its expansion into Tampa, Nashville, Pittsburgh and Detroit, which would improve website performance and security for Cloudflare's global customer base. Web performance and security company, Cloudflare, would add more than 10,000 new customers every day and both protect and improve the performance of more than four million customers. Cloudflare’s … [Read more...]

Limelight Networks Deploys Telia Carrier’s IP Transit and Wavelength Services in North America and Europe

Limelight Networks, a global provider of content delivery (CDN) technology and services, has deployed Telia Carrier’s IP Transit and Wavelength services in North America and Europe. These services would expand Limelight's global infrastructure, support backbone traffic and enhance the end-user experience.  Given the sustained demand for digital content by end-users, media, content and gaming companies continue to utilize CDN providers to … [Read more...]

LeaseWeb Expands Cybersecurity Services to all Its APAC Customers

LeaseWeb, a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider with more than 70,000 dedicated servers under management and a broad cloud portfolio, is expanding its security services to all APAC customers. The new available services LeaseWeb Application Security, include a web application firewall (WAF), threat intelligence support by application security experts and a 24/7 Security Operation Center, staffed by application service experts. As … [Read more...]

CloudFlare Joins New York and Los Angeles Internet Exchanges

CloudFlare, an Internet performance and security company, has joined both the New York (NYIIX) and Los Angeles (LAIIX) International Internet Exchanges, owned and operated by colocation company Telehouse. CloudFlare protects and accelerates more than 4 million websites using a global CDN network that spans 86 cities across 45 countries. “CloudFlare has a commitment to open peering and currently participates at more than 150 Internet Exchanges … [Read more...]

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Provider Highwinds Chooses CenturyLink for Data Center Hosting and Network Services

Highwinds, a global content delivery network (CDN) provider, has chosen CenturyLink to help the company continue optimizing its global content delivery platform. Businesses worldwide depend on Highwinds CDN to stream video, distribute games, serve advertising assets and deliver software, apps and websites. CenturyLink data center hosting services and network services would enable Highwinds to better focus its resources on continued innovation … [Read more...]

Global CDN Provider CDNetworks Achieves Sixth Year of PCI Certification

CDNetworks, a global CDN provider, has achieved PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard) Certification for the sixth year in a row. As a PCI DSS Certified solution with built-in DDoS mitigation, CDNetworks meets the comprehensive data security standards set by the PCI Security Council. The PCI security standard dictates a set of comprehensive requirements for "enhancing payment account data security" such as credit card numbers, … [Read more...]

LeaseWeb Bundles Video Transcoding Services with its Global CDN for Live Video Streams

LeaseWeb, one of the world’s largest hosting brands delivering dedicated servers, cloud and more, has launched a new cloud-based video transcoding service for customers of its global content delivery network (CDN). LeaseWeb announced the new service at IBC2016, a global content delivery event. “LeaseWeb transcoding offers on-the-fly conversion of streaming media to all video platforms, automatically encoding formats and adjusting bitrates to … [Read more...]