Founder of Fast-Growing IaaS Company 3W Infra, Murat Bayhan, “We Don’t do Cloud, We’re Focused on Dedicated Servers, Colocation and IP Transit”

INTERVIEW - As a ‘pure-play’ Infrastructure-as-a-Service hosting provider headquartered in the Amsterdam region, 3W Infra turns out to be growing at a fast pace - delivering highly customized IaaS hosting solutions to its customers worldwide. sat down with 3W Infra’s CEO and founder, Murat Bayhan, and its Managing Director, Roy Premchand, to talk about their business secrets and future plans. 3W Infra commenced its … [Read more...]

Sr. Director WP Engine, Adam Prishtina, “WordPress Hosting is Gaining Momentum In the Enterprise Space”

INTERVIEW - Recently, a new ‘Page Performance’ WordPress hosting solution came out of WP Engine’s R&D lab. sat down with Adam Prishtina, Sr. Director of Product Management at WP Engine, to talk about their WordPress hosting innovations while also touching the topic of upholding an integrated approach towards building WordPress-based web infrastructure. Why is it important for website owners to have a fully integrated … [Read more...]

CEO Sharktech, Tim Timrawi, “Our Expansion to Europe is Part of a Bigger Play”

INTERVIEW – Sharktech, a DDoS protection company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, has announced the opening of its Amsterdam data center, bringing automatic DDoS protection to European companies' IT infrastructure. spoke to Sharktech CEO, TimTimrawi, about their DDOS mitigation technology and the importance of having DDoS protection infrastructure positioned close by. Why is it important for companies to have their … [Read more...]

CEO OnApp, Ditlev Bredahl, “It isn’t just about cloud, in the end”

INTERVIEW - The first version of OnApp’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting platform was launched in July 2010. Today, OnApp already has an employee base of 140 and more than 3,000 hosts and telcos globally present in the OnApp ecosystem. Hosting Journalist spoke to OnApp CEO Ditlev Bredahl about their ambitions and go-to-market secrets. OnApp is quite a young company with a relatively large staff already. How did you manage to grow … [Read more...]

Microsoft Engineer, Steadfast, “Moving Your Infrastructure To Private Cloud Is a Decision Worth Investigating”

INTERVIEW - Private cloud might be seen as the hosted equivalent of an on-premises infrastructure, with dedicated resources and security in place just as many organizations were used to. For some organizations however, the move to private cloud is still a huge step. Patrick Murray, a Microsoft Implementation Engineer at cloud hosting provider Steadfast, answers some questions regarding private cloud migration. How does migrating from an … [Read more...]

CEO Delawalla, Net Data Centers, “We are currently focused on expanding managed service offerings”

INTERVIEW - Earlier this year, Los Angeles-based colocation and cloud hosting provider Net2EZ announced its official name and brand change to Net Data Centers. In addition, the company completed its move into their new headquarters at 898 Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo. Hosting Journalist reporter Derek Vaughan visited Net Data Centers and spoke to President, CEO and founder Pervez Delawalla about their plans and ambitions. It's a bit … [Read more...]