Selecting a Cloud-based PBX: What are the Considerations?

OPINION – “If you’re a business owner looking to implement a hosted, cloud-based PBX system and you need some guidance, here’s a tip: first start by asking yourself whether or not a PBX system’s services can fulfill your requirements. But how can you decide what you need? Start with what you currently have and make your way towards what you would like to have.” Author: Alicia Sandino, marketing executive, FastPBX  “Businesses that … [Read more...]

“Legacy Server Rooms Unable to Meet Compute Power and IT Energy Efficiency Requirements”

OPINION – Enterprise server rooms will be unable to meet the compute power and IT energy efficiencies required to meet the demands of fluctuating technology trends, states Roel Castelein, Customer Services Director at The Green Grid. Mr. Catelein argues that legacy server rooms are failing to keep pace with new workload types and causing organizations to seek alternative solutions.  Citing the latest IDC research, which predicts a growing fall … [Read more...]

Liquid Web CTO, Joe Oesterling, Provides 5 WordPress Security Essentials

OPINION - Liquid Web, a $100 million web hosting and cloud services provider, claims that more than 750,000 WordPress websites worldwide are potentially vulnerable. Liquid Web’s CTO, Joe Oesterling, urges WordPress users to help prevent website attacks by addressing five critical areas of security. Author: Joe Oesterling, CTO of Liquid Web  Mr. Oesterling recommends a few simple steps to help hinder hackers. WordPress users can make sure … [Read more...]

What To Look For When Testing China CDN Vendors

OPINION - When it comes to validating China CDN vendors, the recommended approach is to utilize an independent third party monitoring company to run a performance test. Each test entails a side-by-side comparison over a given amount of time. But, since China's broadband infrastructure is so fragmented, the standard performance tests do not apply. Third party monitoring tools provide a very limited picture. Author: John McIlwain, Director … [Read more...]

4 Cyber Security Predictions for 2016 from SECUDE

OPINION - Now, at the end of 2015, SECUDE’s President Americas, Michael Kummer, has reviewed 4 of his key predictions about where cyber security emphasis will be placed in the New Year. Author: Michael Kummer, President Americas SECUDE Data-Centric Data Protection Solutions "Reactive and content-sensitive data protection solutions like DLP (Data Loss Prevention) are still important as a base layer, but enterprises have realized that … [Read more...]

“Increased Cloud Adoption Strengthens the Need for a Modular Approach in Data Centers”

OPINION - Vincent Liebe, Marketing Manager at Minkels, a global data center solutions vendor and part of listed company Legrand (Euronext Paris: LR), will be one of the seminar speakers during IP Expo Europe in London (7-8 October 2015). He explains what it takes to build a ‘cloud-ready’ data center facility. Author: Vincent Liebe, Marketing Manager Minkels “As a global provider of integrated data center solutions, Minkels is currently … [Read more...]

“Software Defined Storage Is Only as Good as Its Hardware”

OPINION - One of the key selling points to software defined storage (SDS) solutions is the ability to manage the storage infrastructure independent of hardware. However, because the software still requires hardware to run, many organizations are finding performance bottlenecks, inefficiencies and limited benefits from running these SDS solutions on hardware not optimized for these environments. Author: Philip Roberto, CEO of Savage … [Read more...]

“On-Demand Is The Future of IT”

OPINION - Delivering a consumer experience inside the corporation requires a whole new way of thinking among corporate IT leaders, according to Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider. CIOs need to create a department that supports a service-defined enterprise able to offer an array of a la carte computing experiences when and how the organization's users need to access them. Author: Bob Hankins, Vice … [Read more...]

MapR CEO Offers His Predictions for Big Data Drivers in 2015

OPINION - Hadoop continues to show significant evidence of how companies are achieving measurable ROI from storing, processing, analyzing and sharing Big Data, according to MapR Technologies’ CEO and cofounder, John Schroeder. The company’s CEO also sees data agility, processing data platforms, self-service, market consolidation and the rise of the enterprise architect as major developments. Mapr Technologies is a provider of Hadoop technology … [Read more...]

Embracing the Cloud, Driving New Lines of Business for MSPs

OPINION - Channel providers are particularly vulnerable to losing customers from key challenges that they face: their lack of expertise surrounding cloud management; the cost to build and manage their cloud, as well as the requisite investment in sales and marketing; and the ability to compete with a differentiated offering. That’s why the IT channel starts to embrace a tiered cloud distribution model. Author: John Humphreys, VP of marketing … [Read more...]